A Chance for Change: The Opportunity for Transformation

Rightly, much is being made of the need to transition back to a semblance of the society we had pre-Covid-19...

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It's not that easy, huh?

Our “Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved” report highlighted the impact of unlawful school exclusion on the mental health and wellbeing of autistic children and their families...

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Who decides what inclusion is?

We continue our campaign to address the issues raised in our "Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved" report...

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One year on, action is still needed for autistic pupils

Last year, Scottish Autism, the National Autistic Society Scotland and Children in Scotland published our report entitled Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved...

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If you have any questions about the report or any media enquiries, please complete the contact form below.

If you are looking for advice about a child that is currently missing school please contact:
0808 800 4102 (National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service)

Enquire helpline: 0345 123 2303
Parents website:
Pupils website:

Scottish Autism Advice line: 01259 222022